100% Natural Rubber Latex Teethers & Pacifiers!


These new pacifiers by Hevea are perfect for the discerning parent and picky baby – made from 100% natural rubber latex thats soft and gentle on baby’s face. Available in various size and designs like Cars, Flowers, Crown and Stars&Moon! Unique design with ventilation holes, the smooth solid design also has no cracks and corners to harbor bacteria. No PVC, BPA, phthalates and artificial colours. Sustainably produced, with recylced/ biodegradable packaging to boot!

“We never tried a pacifier like this one, though, and I suspect from his response to the Hevea we’d have been more successful had we gotten one like this in the beginning.” ~ crazygreenmommy.blogspot.com

This cute Hevea  panda teether is also made from 100% natural rubber latex, and free from phthalates, colours, PVC & EVAtane, silicone & BPA. The malleable rubber encourages baby’s natural gnawing action, with a gentle textured surface for soothing and massaging irritated gums! Winner of the US PTPA award (Parent tested parent approved) March 2011. Sustainably produced, with packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials printed in soy ink.

“It is truly the only teether I have given my 13 month old that she has liked at all and has really helped her. It’s much much softer than normal teethers and when I put it in the freezer it didn’t harden into a brick, but stayed soft and flexible. It is made from all natural rubber and it’s nice that something that is environmentally friendly is so effective at the same time” ~ PTPA customer

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