Bouncy Baby Prefolds are here!

Hi folks, you are absolutely going to love these prefolds we’ve just brought in! Made of 100% unbleached Indian cotton, these prefolds are soft yet durable. We have them in 5 different sizes – Premie, Newborn, Small, Medium and Large. Sold in packs of 6.

Prefolds really are the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby, and you can use these as doublers, inserts for pocket diapers, burp rags – and they make excellent changing pads too.

These prefolds have not been pre-shrunk, so they will shrink 5-10% after washing. As the natural oils in unbleached prefolds have not been removed by processing, you will notice a slight natural “waxy” coating on them when they arrive. Initially wash 4-5 times in HOT water and dry in between washings to remove this coating and “fluff up” the diapers and they will be ready for use.

Purchase Bouncy Baby prefolds here! >>

Prefolds 101

What are they?

Prefolds are your basic cloth diaper. They consist of consist of several layers of an absorbent material, usually cotton, sewn together. A prefold has three sections, with the middle being the thickest and most absorbent. When you see a prefold described as “4x8x4” this means that it has two outer sections of 4 layers of material and one middle section with 8 layers.


The most common question about prefold diapers is what size to get. Let’s take the size 13.5″ x 14.5″  and use it as an example. The 13.5″ is the width of the diaper. This is the part that will wrap around your babies waist and get fastened. So you really only need the width to be a little over half the size of your babies waist.

The 14.5″ is the length. This is how long the rise of the diaper will be. Often times you will find that the length of a prefold is much longer than the rise of your baby. This means your baby can grow and still fit into the prefold for awhile. To get a good fit just fold down the extra length of the diaper for a custom fit.

How to use a prefold!

There are many different folds you can use to get a great fit on your baby. For a good fit, use prefolds with diaper pins or Snappies to hold them snugly in place – or you can just fold them, wrap them around baby and pull on a waterproof cover! Or just fold the prefold into thirds, and lay into a diaper cover and wrap around baby. Easy peasy!. Here is a great picture tutorial on How To Fold A Prefold.

Prefolds are a great diaper for around the house. On their own, they aren’t as absorbent as fitted or pocket diapers, but you can make a prefold more absorbent by adding a doubler. If you have a light to moderate wetting baby, a prefold will last for about two hours without a doubler. If you have a heavier wetting baby, you will need to add a doubler or change every hour. If you get a really good doubler, you can use a prefold over night!

Prefolds are not waterproof, so you will need to use them inside a PUL, fleece or other type of waterproof cover.


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