TINY TAPIR DISCOUNTS/ PROMOS for IBEX 2012 @ KL Convention Centre (10th-12th Aug 2012)


*Grovia Newborn AIO – RM100 for 3 (RRP RM50 each) – LIMITED to 60 sets for IBEX

*Grovia Shell Sets – RM50 each (RRP RM90) – 500 sets, LIMITED to 3 per customer

*Teething Bling Bangle – RM35 (RRP RM49.90)

*Teething Bling Pendant – RM49 (RRP RM 69.90)

*Spiffies Tooth wipes – 1 for RM21.90/ 3 for RM49.90

*Spiffies tooth gel – 1 for RM26/ 3 for RM55

*Baby Nari Infant Hip Hugger – RM175.90 (RRP RM219.90)

*Baby Nari Toddler Hip Hugger – RM215.90(RRP RM269.90 )

*Baby Nari Pouch – RM44 (RRP RM55)

*Patapum Toddler Carrier – RM224 (RRP: RM280)

*Hevea Pacifier – Buy 2, Get 1 FOC ‘No Throw Pacifier’

*Fun Cones – RM14.40 (RRP RM18)

*Moby Wrap – RM130.40 (RRP RM144.90)

*Bouncy Baby Diapers – RM45 each/ RM120 for 3 + FREE Wetbag (RRP RM59.90 each)


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