Thirsties Wraps restocked – All sizes!

Thirsties Covers are a time tested and true Modern Cloth Diapering tool. Since we introduced the Thirsties diaper covers here in Malaysia they have been a quiet and steady favorite among moms who want great value – if you are trying to cloth diaper on a budget the Thirsties Covers are for you.

You can choose from fully sized (from XS to L) or you can choose the Duo Wraps which are adjustable but 2 sizes will take you from Newborn way up to very very hefty Toddlers.  (let’s face it, most one sized diapers will not fit at the very newborn stage)

The XS thirsties covers are especially good for Newborn diapering. All you have to do is pair 6 of these with 36 Newborn Prefolds (or Small, because some babies are born too big for newborn) and you are more than covered for cloth diapering. Oh, and don’t forget a couple of Snappis.

Thirsties covers are fully PUL so you CAN wipe the insides between changes. If your baby is sensitive to heat or especially sweaty, or sensitive to exposed PUL, then this isn’t the cover for you. But for most babies, this cover works great.

All Thirsties covers are made in the USA. Truly, this brand has been around a long time, and the reason is – their products are really little workhorses!

With that in mind, you can now purchase any Thirsties Cover & get 10% off the unpackaged price of Bouncy Baby Prefolds. Prefolds come in packs of 6 and it’s a great bargain to get you started on your cloth diapering journey!

Link to Thirsties Duo Wraps in Aplix at Tiny Tapir

Link to Thirsties Duo Wraps in Snaps at Tiny Tapir

Link to Thirsties sized Covers at Tiny Tapir


Check out these cute new prints for Thirsties Covers :

cover - babybirdlavender

cover - babybirdblue

And really cute new prints for Duo Wraps (pictured in Aplix, but Duo Wraps also come in Snaps):

duowrap - aplix - scottish rose duowrap - aplix - hoot duowrap - aplix - scottish storm


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