KAM Snap Presses Restocked

After a long hiatus, we are now restocked with KAM Snap Press DK93 and DK98.

These snap presses are ideal for home businesses or serious hobbyists who have incorporated the KAM snaps into their projects and products.

DK93 uses a screw in die shank and is better for small hobbyists who will be frequently changing out the shank.

DK93 KAM snap press

DK98 uses a smooth die shank – you need a tiny included allen key to change out the shanks – it’s a little more work and we usually recommend DK98 to those with small businesses – and we recommend buying 2 at once – one permenantly set up for the “Female” part of the snap and the other set up for the “Male” part of the snap. 

The DK98 is also slightly less effort to press down than the DK93 – SLIGHTLY, but this makes a HUGE difference if you are applying 100 snaps in 1 session!

DK98 KAM Snap Press

All our snap presses come included with your choice of 10 colors x 100 of your choice of snaps (1,000 snaps in total) – enough to last you a good long while.


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