KAM Snaps back in stock

KAM Snaps are now restocked, with some popular colors coming back online. These KAM Snaps can be used with KAM Snap Pliers and KAM Snap Presses

KAM Snaps are made from polyacetal resin – a durable type of plastic that is less prone to breaking. Colors remain bright and sharp (do not iron buttons directly though, they are plastic, so they will melt if you apply an iron & pressure to them). KAM plastic snaps have been tested for harmful substances and comply with USA CPSIA regulations.

Tiny Tapir makes having exactly the right color and size of snap for your DIY project super easy and quick. We keep the widest range of KAM Snaps stock in Malaysia – no need to preorder and then wait for weeks before your order arrives – we only sell you what is in-stock.

It feels good to complete your project when you’re on a roll (nothing worse than having to wait to complete that last 10%, right?) – so check out our ready stock KAM Snaps now. We keep prices low and minimum quantities low as well – only RM5 for 25 snaps in the color and size of your choice. (If you’re a business and need 500 pieces of the same color, the price goes down to RM0.07 each)

Please note all our snaps are sold by WEIGHT so numbers are an approximation – we normally add a couple of extras into the pack so you may find you have a few “spare parts” left – that doesn’t mean you got less than you paid for, you probably got a few extras. Why by weight? Each snap has 4 separate parts, so you can imagine, if we were to count every single piece, it would take a long long long time – we would have to increase the cost of snaps in order to cover the cost of hiring someone just to count snaps. 

Kam snap parts

Size 14 snaps :- Very shortly prong on the cap, great for single (thin) layers. Cap diameter is 9.74mm, prong length is 3.5mm

Size 16 snaps :- longer prong than the Size 14, good for most cloth pad purposes. Can be used for two or three thin layers (like t shirt material) or 1 thickish layer. More suitable for delicate fabric like stretch cotton or bamboo jersey (using a too large with too firm grip snap can result in easier tearing of the fabric with repeated snap and unsnapping). Cap diameter is 10.77mm. Prong length is 4.2mm.

Size 20 snaps :- the longest prong we offer, this is good for thicker canvas materials and multiple layers of cloth. Most commonly used size for cloth diapers, cloth pads & I would use this for handbag closures and cloth paper towels. Cap Diameter is 12.44mm. Prong length is 5.6mm


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