Well there’s no water. So we put this one on sale….

It’s not a very pleasant time to be in Malaysia right now, what with the water restrictions & the terrible haze.

We can’t do much to ease the pain, but we are putting the Wrapsody Duo Water Wraps on sale.

If you don’t have one yet and you have a young infant or a baby, this can be a lifesaver – you can save water by showering with your baby. 😉

Or you can take a beach holiday on the East Coast and bring this wrap along to splish splash. Doesn’t this look nice?


One of the best things – the wrap provides SPF-15 protection!

duo wrap - special



It’s also a lovely deep black which holds its color (like a swimsuit does). Resistant to fading in the sun. It’s super stretchy, so you can wear it and pop your baby in and out without having to adjust too much or re-wrap. Perfect for doing some yoga in, showering, playing on the beach, taking walks outside. And then it still looks great paired with a dark skirt for dinner. A perfect wrap for using an a Resort Holiday.

Click on the photo below to make your purchase or read more about this awesome versatile wrap :

for blog duo


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