Gypsy Mama Wrapsody – For all the fans of Wrap!

These Gypsy Mama Wrapsody wraps are really something else! From designs ranging from exotic, earthy to just plain pretty these wraps are a perfect blend of comfort, functionality and are aesthetically pleasing to boot.


Bali Breeze
These are hand-dyed and batiked in Bali, Indonesia. They are a bit dressier than the Bali Stretch (think “blouse” vs. “t-shirt”). Though the stretch wraps are a fairly lightweight cotton, the gauze wraps are some of the lightest, coolest, most compact wraps on the market, and fold down into a handy built-in storage pocket.  The gauze, like other woven wraps, offers the greatest range of carrying positions, and many find it more supportive for older children.

Available in 8 gorgeous designs with delicious names like Haumea, Iris, Morgaine and Freya! Click to view >>

Bali Stretch
These are soft and silky — soft like your favorite T-shirt. The process of hand-dyeing and batiking removes much of the lengthwise stretch but leaves the widthwise stretch, making these super supportive and comfy for a wide range of ages.  Our testers suggested that it’s a sort of “hybrid” between stretchy and woven wraps. Perfect for holding your newborn babe close to your heart!

Available in 9 pretty patterns with names like Alyssa, Isis, Hiruko and Aphrodite. Click to view >>

Water Wraps
Gypsy Mama’s Water Wrap (TM) is one of a kind! Silky, smooth fast-drying fabric with tapered ends and narrow body make this carrier lightweight and cool. Soft, stretchy fabric feels great on the skin and is perfect for front/hip carrying, both in and out of the water. Use them at the beach, in a dinky pool or even in the shower!

Available only in black. Click to view>>


ERGOBaby Wall Calender 2011 – FREE!

Ergo Baby has kindly sent us some of their 2011 Wall Calenders.

It’s a beautiful calender with lovely big boxes to write in and of course fabulous Babywearing parents!

If you would like one for free, please head on over to our facebook fan page and comment that you would like one.  Then send an email to tinytapir at with your address.

Kemby Baby bags & Carriers

Have you seen the latest in diaper bags and baby carriers?  What about putting the two together? How ingenious is that?!

Someone has done just that – this diaper bag is fantastic for parents with babies 3 months and over (your baby will need head control).  No need to remember a million different things (diaper bag? baby carrier? stroller? bottle? change mat?) – just use this as your “go-to” bag anytime you need to take your baby / toddler out.

As a baby bag it’s already fantastic – lots of magnetic closures for easy 1 arm operation (so critical when you have an active little child), a place for your bottles, comes with it’s own matching change pad, an insulated pod for bottles / snacks, a key clip so you can quickly find the keys to open that door and get any cranky little ones inside.

And dare we say it – it doesn’t even look too much like a diaper bag, so when your baby has graduated out of needing you to carry stuff for them, you can use this when you need to go to the gym, as a handbag – or anything at all!

The inside of the bag is a lovely light color – which makes it all that much easier to quickly see whatever it is you need to grab (dark inside bags are like black holes, sucking in all the light so you’re left groping hopefully to find what you’re looking for).

As a carrier, (the front flap has a built in strap for you to pull right out), this gives a nice “seat” to the baby on your hip (simply and easily attach the bag around your waist and pull out the carrier shoulder strap and pull it over your baby and your shoulder to make an instant carrier).  Not suitable for newborns, but really great for 3 month olds to toddlers especially.  You wouldn’t want to use this for really LONG trips like 3 hours plus, but it’s a quick on and off if you have a toddler / older child who just wants to be carried for a while, or if you’re just quickly going back and forth from the supermarket.

Available in 3 lovely colors – brown, blue and green.

The Kemby  Baby bag & carriers have been added to our webstore.  They are currently available for purchase at both our Bangsar Village and Ampang Park stores.

Pikkolo Carriers – NEW prints and back in stock

New shipment of Pikkolo Carriers has arrived.

Check out the beautiful Georgia and Avalon prints below.

We also now have the support belts (you can use this with ANY mei tai and the pikkolo carriers) for use with heavier babies. They’ve been reduced from our previous price to RM94 each only.

The pikkolo carrier is a huge favorite in our store and we can see why. They have beautiful fabrics, great construction and it’s just a great, well thought out product.  Fantastic customer service too – We love you Beth!

The pikkolos are available online now and you will also be able to touch, feel andpurchase them from Bangsar Village and Ampang Park shortly.

Baby Sling Safety

Some of our wonderful Baby Carrier suppliers have recently come out with a press release on the safety of baby carriers, given the current widespread news about Bag Slings and their causing suffocation in babies.

Back when we first started considering stocking baby carriers, Bag Slings were pretty popular online and I even had a supplier send one to me for testing.  When I saw it, i just never thought it would be safe. It was really deep, did not seem like it would be comfortable and I didn’t see how a baby would be anything but lost in all that fabric..

BUT , baby slings are only a small fraction of babywearing tools – most carriers will help you to carry your baby with NO risk of suffocation – just be aware of the basics – baby’s chin should NEVER be pressed against their chest – see this pdf document for full details – this is especially important when your baby is a newborn up to approx 4 months when babies develop good neck / head control.

press release after the jump:

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Jumpsac Ring Slings now in stock

Jumpsac Ring Slings are made by a lovely Malaysian mama – Syaz. She’s super stylish, so it goes without saying that so are her Slings!

Lovely color combinations and rich fabrics, these ring slings look luxurious and they feel that way too.

Check out the Jumpsac Ring Slings instock online at Tiny Tapir, or visit Tiny Tapir Baby’s retail shop in Ampang Park to try one of these sexy slings for yourself.

Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch Clearance

Kangaroo Korner clearance - WEB

These adjustable pouches with fleece shoulders are a really, really great product.

The fleece shoulder, while being adjustable (to take into account the different ways you want to wear your baby in the puoch, to accomodate your growing baby and also so both you and your significant other can both use it even if you’re both shaped differently), is also a nice supportive base which distributes the weight more comfortably while carrying heavier babies.

The material is also a cool silky mesh which allows air to flow in and out – fabulous for our hot weather, and also means the pouch can be used to take baby into the sea or swimming pool safely.  The mesh pouch has also been a lifesafer for bathing newborn and younger babies for some mothers as well (wear your baby as you shower)

Click to see what’s available