You asked for more Giveaways – so here we go!

Everyone loves a good giveaway right?

We love our fans here at Tiny Tapir and we know there a lot of silent ones out there. Come make some noise!

We will now be holding regular giveaways on our Facebook Page at Tiny Tapir.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our giveaway until 30th April is going to be this gorgeous RuMe compact reusable bag. The picture really does not do it justice.

RuMe bag giveaway

The bag itself is a Green Label Luxe silver metallic RuMe which shimmers with light (retails at RM65 each). Transferred onto it is a gorgeous image of the Earth. It’s a beautiful bag and I am almost too covetous to let it go!

These bags fold up absolutely tiny & yet expand to fit a huge amount of stuff because of the gusseted sides.  This is a truly high quality bag with no exposed seams like other brands, completely smooth finishing and built to really last even when it’s overstuffed

We have 2 bags we are giving away to 2 lucky winners. So pop on over to our facebook page and enter away 😀

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Kemby Baby bags & Carriers

Have you seen the latest in diaper bags and baby carriers?  What about putting the two together? How ingenious is that?!

Someone has done just that – this diaper bag is fantastic for parents with babies 3 months and over (your baby will need head control).  No need to remember a million different things (diaper bag? baby carrier? stroller? bottle? change mat?) – just use this as your “go-to” bag anytime you need to take your baby / toddler out.

As a baby bag it’s already fantastic – lots of magnetic closures for easy 1 arm operation (so critical when you have an active little child), a place for your bottles, comes with it’s own matching change pad, an insulated pod for bottles / snacks, a key clip so you can quickly find the keys to open that door and get any cranky little ones inside.

And dare we say it – it doesn’t even look too much like a diaper bag, so when your baby has graduated out of needing you to carry stuff for them, you can use this when you need to go to the gym, as a handbag – or anything at all!

The inside of the bag is a lovely light color – which makes it all that much easier to quickly see whatever it is you need to grab (dark inside bags are like black holes, sucking in all the light so you’re left groping hopefully to find what you’re looking for).

As a carrier, (the front flap has a built in strap for you to pull right out), this gives a nice “seat” to the baby on your hip (simply and easily attach the bag around your waist and pull out the carrier shoulder strap and pull it over your baby and your shoulder to make an instant carrier).  Not suitable for newborns, but really great for 3 month olds to toddlers especially.  You wouldn’t want to use this for really LONG trips like 3 hours plus, but it’s a quick on and off if you have a toddler / older child who just wants to be carried for a while, or if you’re just quickly going back and forth from the supermarket.

Available in 3 lovely colors – brown, blue and green.

The Kemby  Baby bag & carriers have been added to our webstore.  They are currently available for purchase at both our Bangsar Village and Ampang Park stores.

Parenthood Special – RuMe Connectivity (Reg) at RM30

We’d done up a Tiny Tapir RuMe which we sold at the promotional price of RM30.

All 100 sold out during the Bangsar Village Booth (!)

We don’t want those at the Parenthood Expo to miss out though, so we chose an alternative bag.

Only during the Parenthood fair, the RuMe Connectivity Regular bag will be on sale at RM30 (rrp: RM36)

The RuMe is one of the best reusable bags out there. Stronger polyester than most, beautifully sewn, the best boxy shape when open for easy packaging and carrying, no need for a separate pouch (just use the velcro to strap it up) – your RuMe will last you for years…

SiliconValley-4 Connectivity-large

RuMe – Free shipping till end of the month!

Purchase a RuMe and receive free shipping on your order until 30/6/2009 anywhere in the region (Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong or the Philippines).

We’ve just updated our stocks and we’re ready to spark interest in these fantastic bags – hopefully more people will try them and see just how convenient a RuMe bag is and how good it feels to use one.

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Lookie Lookie !

The new RuMes have got in, the full range which we are over the moon with!  Some exciting things to be happening with that next week…

But in the meantime, check this out


We did an OEM (Custom) order for the Regular RuMe bag – our Tiny Tapir logo screenprinted on the RuMe Regular Celedon bag!

We’re so pleased with the way it came out, the printing is lovely and it just looks so good in person.

We’ve only got a limited number of these, and they’re available for RM30 (a special price as regular RuMes are RM36) – grab one here while you can!

Do you have a company or organization that would like something like this for fundraising? Just contact us at tinytapir at gmail dot com and we’ll see what we can work out with you.

Purse pleasers – last one left!

From our initial order of Purse Pleasers, we are just with just 1 left, until our 2nd order arrives in about 3 weeks or so.

Here are a couple of testimonials that have recently come in :

Paris over at Mywomenstuff

Ee Laine (via email) : “I’m loving the purse pleaser! Never has my bag been so neat and organized! I gave the other set to my sis and she loves it too.”


Pick up the last one available for sale in Malaysia for now here :

Purse Pleasers

There’s no denying it. I have a big bag.

I have tried just about every purse organizer out there. Purseket, handmade ones from Etsy, Pursesitters, Gin & Jacqui ones etc…  None of them ever worked for me. Too big or too small, mostly way too floppy.

Maybe my bag is just too big… but in the end my bag would be messier because the soft, floppy purse ‘organizers’ would just flop over, things would fall out and it was just akin to having a lot of extra pockets in my bag where I would forget what was where. So you know, there would be me frantically digging in my bag trying to remember which pocket had what thing in it.  And then after using whatever it is I was looking for, I’d be in a rush so I’d just throw it back in my bag any old way.

Which just meant I would be reorganizing my bag every single night otherwise it would just be a big disorganized mess again.

Finally I saw the Purse Pleaser.

At first I was pretty resistent – after all, it’s akin to putting a big plastic thing in my bag – wouldn’t it make it heavier, would it really help… But after suffering still from a big messy bag, I gave up and ordered one from the US to try.

And now… what bliss.  After 1 months of using it, I can’t imagine going back to how my purse was before.

Behold… close to perfection :


There’s lovely very obvious compartments for everything – space enough for my daily planner, Beauregard (my very cute monkey cup warmer), my RuMe Mini, a Rooshopper, my wallet, dental floss, post it notes, band aids (I admit it, I’m pretty clutzy), lip gloss, pens and everything else.  My (very way too many) keys sit in a pouch on top of everything.

It’s so much easier for me to take things out of and put things back in my bag and easy to see whether I’ve left anything out when I’m rushing out the door in the morning. yay!


Big bonus – it’s easy for me to change out bags over weekends, just lift out the entire tray and put it in my weekend bag.

The purse pleaser is the perfect size for the medium roototes, but for some variations, here it is being used in a medium and small sized bag.


In every set you will get the parts to make up the Small, Medium and Large settings.  I don’t notice that it has added a lot of weight to my bag at all, but as most people can attest my bag pre-purse pleaser often felt like it was filled with rocks anyway with all the papers inside it.  Now I suppose at least all my rocks are organized!

Because I love my pursepleaser so much and Joanna over at Paperdoll really wanted one too  (I love you Joanna, but seriously, I could not let go my ONLY purse pleaser and go back to having a disorganized bag! 😛 lol) Tiny Tapir has got in a small order of these for your instant gratification. When we say small, we mean it, as in less than 10 are left after handing out various ones to friends and for reviews!

You can check out the purse pleaser in person over at Paperdoll in Tropicana Mall, or at the Bungalow@Damai. Of course you can also buy it online at Tiny Tapir for RM150.

(Seriously you should make the trek to Paperdoll her dresses and corsets are to die for, and such great value!)


Purse Pleaser Testimonials :

Paris over at Mywomenstuff

Ee Laine (via email) : “I’m loving the purse pleaser! Never has my bag been so neat and organized! I gave the other set to my sis and she loves it too.”