There’s an interesting interview today over at Salon about breastfeeding.

It’s related to a book – “Unbuttoned: Women open up about the pleasures, pains and politics of breast-feeding,” an anthology of stories from women about their experiences of breastfeeding.

The interview is definitely worth reading if you are about to get into breastfeeding.

I especially like this excerpt :

“Woman are constantly told that breast is best — and we definitely believe that it is — but also believe that women go into breast-feeding believing that because it is “natural” it will also come naturally. And for many women it doesn’t. We breast-fed six children between us, and within those experiences faced just about every hiccup imaginable — starting with C-section deliveries, premature or very ill newborns, breast infections, low milk supply, trying to breastfeed while going back to work.

Our hope is that readers, no matter what their experiences, will find essays that really capture what they felt, what they feared, what they hoped, so that they can see they aren’t alone.”

This is exactly what Gina, our lactation consultant also says.

Check out the full interview here.

Teething Bling – pretty AND functional

Teething Bling are exactly the kind of product we love at Tiny Tapir. Not only do they satisfy our style requirements (gotta look good girls!), they’re also completely functional.


When we saw Pauline, our visiting Tapir friend from Canada at the Diaper Swap Meet last month she was wearing a really pretty donut around her neck which I thought was one of those stone pendants you see in the weekend markets.  Her cute curly haired daughter just could not leave the pendant alone and was constantly playing with it and holding it in her hand.  I complimented Pauline on the pendant and she told me not only was it not stone – it was a teething toy!! Continue reading

Strapees and Bra Extenders

Two La Leche products that I think deserve a post of their own.

They’re not just for breastfeeding mums – seriously sometimes I think I need that bra extender … hahaha

Strapees (RM35 per pair) are a little silicone pad that fit under your bra straps at the shoulder.  They help distribute the weight and prevent bra straps from digging into your shoulders leaving red marks and causing discomfort.  Strapees also prevent the bra strap from slipping down (you know, like those embarrassing times when one gets home and realizes that a bra strap is merrily hanging down your arm showing outside your short sleeve..)

Strapees come in nude and can’t be seen outside your clothing


The Bra Extender (RM21 per pair) is a nifty little gadget that will help your normal / nursing bras fit longer by extending the band.   La Leche ones are great because they come in the two rows of hooks AND three rows of hook variation – so you can be sure one of those two will work with your bra.


Both Strapees and the La Leche Bra Extenders can be found in the La Leche section of the Tiny Tapir store.

La leche Nursing Intimates

La leche Nursing intimates are excellent value for the quality of the product.  Tiny Tapir is happy to offer this great range of nursing intimates to Malaysia.

QT Intimates``

Very well designed, high quality fabrics, these bras are sure to see you through those sore breastfeeding months.  Most models also can be expanded quite a bit to allow for the varying size fluctuations that usually happen.  Quick easy on and easy to open nursing wear.

Right now we have them in the full range of sizes – including those hard to find in Malaysia large sizes (e.g. up to DDD cup for some designs). If you would like an out of stock size, just let us know, we can get them for you pretty quick. Continue reading

Nursing Bra – Preorder Sale

At the recent Breastfeeding Seminars at Teeny Tiny Tapir we heard from some that they found it really hard to find good nursing bras here in Malaysia – non padded, soft cup, no underwear, well supported with thick straps and good back support.

So Tiny Tapir is going to be importing in Bravado Nursing Bras.

Bravado products are the first choice of celebrity moms, like Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Minnie Driver, Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Garner, Stella McCartney and Sarah Jessicah Parker

Of course they’re also loved by non-celebrity mamas everywhere, and have been featured in many magazines :

We’re going to do a presale (since bras are so personal and so many sizes, we’d like to give you an opportunity to buy the perfect bra for you, just in case we aren’t bringing that stock in)

Please email me at tinytapir at gmail dot com which size and style you would like.

As it’s a presale you’ll need to pay first. I will be ordering them in 10 days on 18th of Sept 2008 – so that’s when the presale will end. Expect to receive them in maximum of 10 days from then.

Of course there’s a discount of 10% off our rrp for the presale.

Here’s our prices :Bamboo Bras are M$138 less 10% for preorder = M$124.20
Bamboo Tanks are M$210 less 10% for preorder = M$189

Tiny Tapir rrp

10% off

presale price

Original Nursing Bra


RM 117

Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra


RM 130.50

Supreme Nursing Bras


RM 171

Essential Nursing Bra Tank (B/C + D/E)


RM 148.50

Essential Nursing Bra Tank (F/G)


RM 171

Exquisite Nursing Bra


RM 216

Exquisite Boy Shorts

RM 92

RM 82.80

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


RM 162

Original Maternity Briefs (2 pack)

RM 95

RM 85.50

Original Bikinis (2 pack)

RM 75

RM 67.50

Original Thongs (2 pack)

RM 75

RM 67.50

If I were nursing, I would completely order the Bamboo Range

I have some shirts made from Bamboo and I cannot tell you how much softer and cooling they are than cotton shirts. It’s totally worth the extra money.

Bamboo Bras : M$138           less 10% for preorder = M$124.20
Bamboo Bra Tanks : M$210 less 10% for preorder = M$189