Saffa Cloth Pads & Pantyliners Restocked

Local favorites, the great value Saffa Medium Cloth Pads & Pantyliners are restocked..

Tiny Tapir’s version of the Saffa pads have double Poly KAM snaps in order to give you the option of having a more snug fit during use (the loosest fit is great for using to package up the pad after use too).

Mediums are RM16 each

Pantyliners are RM10 each

Lovingly Made in Malaysia


Free Shipping on Fresh Moon Pads for July 2009

Want to try cloth pads?  Why don’t you give it a go this month?

Tiny Tapir is having a postage special again!

Last month we sent out a bunch of RuMes with free shipping… this month we’re sending out Fresh Moon Pads for free registered mail shipping to Malaysia and Rm2 shipping to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia (no matter how many you buy)!

There are two types of Fresh Moon pads – the All in One type :

Fresh Moon AIO

Or the Lay in System types (these are great for when you’re out and about because they’re not as bulky to carry around and super quick to change out too) :

Fresh Moon - Set C_600

These are great natural materials (except the polyester fleece waterproof backings), and will last you for years and years.  Not super pretty, but hey, if you’re a practical kind of girl, these are perfect for you – they get the job done, and they get the job done well!

Besides, you can always pretty it up with a super trim My Beautiful Girl Wet bag – no one will ever guess what’s inside 😉

Small MBG Wetbags_All_350

Review on Cloth pads

Paris over at Mywomenstuff came over to Tiny Tapir Baby in Ampang Park about 2 weeks ago to get her crash course in Menstrual Cloth Pads (and crash course it was because we were both short on time!).

She was brave enough to try a couple, and she’s written a pretty thorough review on her blog here

(this was not a paid or sponsored review)

Do hop on over to have a read, and see whether you can be persuaded to try it too 🙂

Modern Acorn Pantyliner Giveaway

I adore Modern Acorn pads. If she did wholesale, these would be in Tiny Tapir in a nanosecond, but I guess part of the appeal is the one of  a kind nature of her pads!

modern acorn 2

(camera’s misbehaving so no photos of my lovelies right now)

The sewing is lovely and the shape of the pad is just… delicious!

And best of all she is having a pantyliner giveaway right now! 3 are up for grabs…

modern acorn 2

I didn’t realize until today (darn), and unfortunately the giveaway ends tomorrow, but you’ve still got a little time to slip your comment onto the blog. She ships internationally so everything is good for us here in Malaysia.

Pop on over to the Modern Acorn Pantyliner giveaway now

Saffa Pads & Pantyliners are Restocked

The always popular Saffa pads and Pantyliners are now restocked in the full range of fabrics.

Come check them out!

A great way to try cloth pads – at a price of RM8 for the pantyliner and RM13 for the medium pad, the prices can’t be beat.

And best of all, Saffa Pads and Pantyliners are Made in Malaysia!

Saffa Cloth Pads

Tiny Tapir is proud to stock the first Cloth Pads made in Malaysia – Saffa Cloth Pads made by Mum7kids – yay!


Saffa Cloth pads are made out of flannel and Tiny Tapir helped to attach the double snaps to the pads.


At these prices, you just can’t not try one – they’re very very functional and comfortable and we know you’ll agree they’re definitely worth including in your cloth pad stash. Continue reading

Sugar Monkey Cloth Pantyliners

I adore these cute prints. These are made by a WAHM in the USA, and we put the cute matching snaps on right here at Tiny Tapir. The original WAHM uses metal snaps – here at Tiny Tapir we think KAM Resin snaps are superior (they won’t rust), and we really like our pantyliners to be trim and tight against our underwear to minimize shifting. So we double snapped them ourselves, and we really like the outcome (obviously we are not modest here!)

Are you a bit of a rebel? Check out the pink flying skulls

Or if you’re the sweeter shade of pink, we have these delicious cupcakes

If you’re the wise sort, these owls should suit you well

And many more..

Sugar Monkey Pantyliners are available in 2 sizes – Petite and Regular – the regular is about an inch longer than the petite (See the listing for a photo comparison)

Enjoy our quantity discount of 10% off if you buy 3 or more Sugar Monkey Pantyliners… PLUS for the rest of November you’ll also get free Malaysian Shipping if you buy any cloth pad product in your purchase (your entire purchase ships free)

Check it out in our shop here