Free activities this Saturday at Doodlebugs

Doodlebugs is now in full force at The Bungalow@Damai.

There is now a daily preschool, (current students 2 extremely cute little girls), and more and more activities are coming up every week, not to mention some very cool renovations going on.

If you’re around the Ampang / KLCC area and you would like to check it out, this Saturday is a perfect time to do so.

Here’s the program :

Come join us for a sneak (read: FREE!) preview of selected classes!

Saturday, 4th April (Yes! It’s this Saturday!), 10.30 am – Martial Arts (Muay Thai) : 5 yrs and above! (Yes, parents are welcomed! And I’m counting myself in!)

Tuesday, 7th April, 4.30 pm – Mini Matisse : 3yrs – 5yrs

Wednesday, 8th April, 4.30 pm – Tell a Tale : 3 yrs – 5 yrs

Thursday, 9th April, 4.30 pm – Tune In (Music) *new* : 3yrs – 5yrs

I did mention that it’s free, right? So what are you waiting for? Call us at 012 353 0501 now and book your place! Or reply to this mail now!

Swap meet – Sat 31/1/09 at the Bungalow@Damai

Looks like there’s sufficient interest, so please do come and spread the word among your friends who are sceptical about babywearing and cloth diapering 🙂 maybe we will get some converts!

The swap meet will be on Sat 31/1/09 between 2pm and 6pm at the Bungalow@damai

Everyone is welcome – if you want to find out more about cloth diapering, baby wearing or you are already doing both and want to get some great bargains on preloved items.   If you have preloved items you’re no longer using, be sure to bring them along and maybe you can swap it for something you will use more / sell it for some pocket money!

Here are the details for the day :

2pm – welcome, chat and swap / buy / sell
3pm – 3.30pm – Short talk on Babywearing by Jess (proposed right now, can’t quite seem to be able to get hold of Jess
3.30pm – 4pm – Intro talk and video on Baby Signs
4pm – 4.30pm – Short talk on Cloth Diapering and about Doodlebugs

We’ll end up around 6pm to 7pm, but won’t be rushing people out, looking forward to a nice relaxed meet up with everyone 🙂

The talks are obviously only if you want to listen!  They’ll be held at a room on the side.

The Tiny Tapir shop things will all only be in the shop room, and will be open if you want to go and browse our things too, but the Lounge and grassy area will be only for the swap / preloved items.

There won’t be any food or refreshments (other than water!) provided as it’s a free event unless we manage to find someone who wants to set up a food stall for the event.

Appreciate everyone’s help to promote the event 🙂

The Bungalow@Damai

I just realised that we never shared photos of what the Bungalow@Damai looks like!

I’m sure it’s going to change quite a big now, with Doodlebugs coming to take over most of the ground floor, but here’s a few photos of what the Bungalow@Damai is like now.

Excuse the very rushed photos!

First up – from the Gate Entrance leading up the driveway to the Bungalowttt-outside-1108_5001

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