Coming up on Christmas…

.. why not check out some gorgeously smelly Dirt Candles for the festive season?

We only have a few of these left. Why do we love them?

1. They smell great (no harsh synthetic smells here)

2. The melted soy makes a lovely scented moisturizer (seriously, the scent lasts a long time when used as a moisturizer)

3. Less soot than traditional beeswax or palm candles


click here to pick some up 

Want some independent Dirt Candle love? Check out the reviews here :

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Bumprider – NEW in Asia – Launch & Giveaway

We at Tiny Tapir are proud to be working with Bloop Distribution in the launch of the Bumprider here in Asia.

If you use strollers & have a 2 year old or older child & a new baby on the way, this is one product that will make your life infinitely easier.

What is the Bumprider?


Well, we’re always looking for “best in class” products (those products that really stand out from the competition) and we believe we’ve found that in the Bumprider.

Sure, there are other ride-along boards in the market, but they are pale versions of the Bumprider.

Does your ride-along board have a motorcross bike suspension system (or does it have crappy plastic swivel joints that jam so you can’t turn smoothly, adding weight to your stroller)?

Is your ride-along board made of a unique blend of materials so that it flexes slightly with movement with a superior antislip surface (or is it made of immovable plastic making it more prone to breakage)?

Can you install your ride-along board in seconds with NO tools & can it be released quickly and attached to your 2nd stroller or pram (or is it a pain to install and once you have it on your stroller, you’re stuck with that stroller always)?

Does your ride-along board fit on 99% of all strollers and prams without the need for adaptors? (check out this sideways action)

Lastly, is your ride along board this good looking?

Bumprider - Available designs - 7.13

Tiny Tapir is currently running a giveaway to launch the bumprider in Malaysia – it’s pretty easy :

– Become a fan of Tiny Tapir Eco on Facebook for 1 point

– Become a fan of Bloop Distribution on Facebook for 1 point

– Share a sibling photo (you need 2 kids to use the bumprider after all!) on the Tiny Tapir Eco or Bloop Distribution facebook page (tag us!) for 10 points – here’s a pretty example below :


– If you have a blog, write a blog post on your children & how they interact (it can be a funny story or a heartwarming one) & link it to our giveaway here at – if you don’t have a blog, post your story on this facebook comment thread or on this blog post (just comment here)

Click the image below to make your entries!

bumprider giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait? Purchase a bumprider now at Tiny Tapir

Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Clearance Sale

We’ve just done a new stock count and updated the system for our stock of Rumparooz cloth diapers.

We have now separated out some of the Rumparooz that are appearing to have the delamination problem, so there is less likelihood you will get a “bad cloth diaper”.

It’s still going at RM200 for 6 + shipping fee (no free shipping on this folks, sorry!).  This is a low low price of RM33.33 per diaper – a lot below our cost price, so it’s a real bargain and a great buy if you are getting into cloth diapering and looking for pocket diapers. The Rumparooz diaper shape is a great one and one that is loved by many parents worldwide.

We have lots of Aplix, less Snaps, so get clicking if you are looking for snaps (Aplix is great for the newborn stage, if you have an older baby, pick snaps). Continue reading

KAM Snaps back in stock

KAM Snaps are now restocked, with some popular colors coming back online. These KAM Snaps can be used with KAM Snap Pliers and KAM Snap Presses

KAM Snaps are made from polyacetal resin – a durable type of plastic that is less prone to breaking. Colors remain bright and sharp (do not iron buttons directly though, they are plastic, so they will melt if you apply an iron & pressure to them). KAM plastic snaps have been tested for harmful substances and comply with USA CPSIA regulations.

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KAM Snap Pliers

Tiny Tapir has restocked the very popular KAM Snap Pliers DK-001

KAM Snap Pliers

Can you imagine we have sold 400 of these Snap Pliers since we first introduced them to Malaysia in 2010! In 2010 we only sold 50 of them, but that has increased steadily as awareness has increased on DIY crafting and sewing in Malaysia. Just goes to show that these reliable little tools are fantastic for little projects around the house.

They can be used to quickly fix broken buttons on clothing – a few strategically placed snaps on cloth can achieve a lot of things!  I have used mine to make impromptu table cloths for displays at fairs and events, to replace worn out velcro on hairbands.

I have also used snap pliers to close up pockets and even handbags that didn’t have zip or existing closures.

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Spiffies Tooth Wipes & Gel – CLEARANCE

Here’s a chance to get a good bargain.

We have some Spiffies Tooth Wipes and Spiffies Tooth Gels that are expiring in August and September 2013, so we’re offering them to you at a 30% discount in packs.

These made in the USA wipes and gel (non foaming so your child who rejects toothpaste is likelier to learn to brush his or her teeth with this!) are a great tool in any parent’s arsenal in keeping their child’s teeth and gums healthy.

Check it out here :

Spiffies Tooth Wipes

and the gel

Spiffies Tooth Gel

GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper system launched in Asia

Grobaby has rebranded into GroVia – and this cloth diaper / hybrid system just got a whole lot better (it was good, now it’s great!)

The GroVia Difference (shell sets)

  • GroVia shells rise are 1/2 inch higher than the GroBaby version 2, and 1 inch higher than GroBaby version 1 – addressing what customers want – for the GroVia to fit longer!
  • GroVia soakers are now 6 layers Organic Cotton, have Leg gussets and wonderful TPU (waterproof) backing – this means even more absorbency, and dry mesh inners of the GroVia covers – yet again, addressing customer concerns.
  • GroVia shell sets no longer come with a booster included – not necessary with the boosted absorbency of the newly designed GroVia soakers

Still the SAME great value – even better in fact as the prints and snaps are no longer more expensive than solids (everything’s RM95.00 per shell set).

Same fabulous Experience and Live sets to save you if you’re looking for complete stashes

And now offered in Malaysia the GroVia Hybrid Test Drive package where you get 2 x GroVia shells (no cotton soakers) and 1 box of 50 x legendary biosoakers for 20% off the full retail price.   This is a great way for those who don’t want too much laundry to still do 1/2 cloth diapering (No blowouts from disposable diapers ever again!).

Look for more exciting things to come from GroVia – coming VERY soon to Malaysia.

GroBaby / GroVia have converted a whole ton of Malaysian parents to cloth or hybrid diapering for their babies, with their high quality materials, great design, organic cotton inners, super sweet designs and money saving functionality – it’s hard to beat the GroVia as a starter set for anyone who’s ever considered cloth diapering.

Have you considered giving them a try?

Now available at Tiny Tapir Baby shops in Bangsar Village and Ampang Park, and of course, online.