Menstrual Cup Reviews

Here I’ll post up links to Menstrual cup reviews (for both the Mooncup and the Ladycup) from Tiny Tapir customers.

Hopefully it may convince someone else to give them a try!  The menstrual cup is a great little tool to save you $ as well as protect our environment in the long run.  Just think – no more tampons or disposable pads – that means a significant reduction in our landfill mess, energy depletion and chemical / dioxin use.

Geminianeyes reviews (Mooncup and Ladycup) : – on her blog and on her livejournal

Organic Samm (Mooncup) : – on her blog

Peekaroobaby (Mooncup) :- on her blog


Have you used a Mooncup / Ladycup bought from Tiny Tapir?

We’d love to hear your review (we can post it anonymously here) – contact us and get a free RM10 store credit for your review :).  Negative reviews are also completely acceptable and will also get the free RM10 store credit


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