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No April Foolin’ – SPECIALS!

Tiny Tapir Sdn Bhd is turning 1 year old this month so we are going to have some Rockin’ good times!


ON-GOING – Write a review on and for every review you write get RM2 in credit! Write enough reviews and your order will be free!

The Review special goes on until 30th April 2010 – we will calculate your final count and issue the credit by 1st May 2010.  (sorry, you can’t use the credit for the other specials available during April though)

The GOOD news is – we will increase the credits per review depending on how many facebook fans we have at the end –

If we reach 3,000 fans – RM3 per review

If we reach 4,000 fans – RM4 per review

etc etc

So introduce your friends to us on facebook and everyone wins big!

How to write a review… Search for the product you want to review and just click on “submit review” on the bottom of the page.


The following specials will be effective once we hit the fan numbers on our facebook fan page. These specials are only available online

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Previously on Facebook, Tiny Tapir was using the Group Function , but after looking into it, I think the Fan page would be more suitable going forward. It’s much more interactive and the functionality is more suitable for us as a business page.

From now on, we will periodically run Facebook specials on our Fan Page (don’t worry, we’ll update the blog too).

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Change of Phone Number


We used to use for the Tiny Tapir mobile phone number.

Unfortunately someone *ahem ahem* forgot to reload the card and didn’t get any reminder sms that the phone number was going to expire.  So now the number is burned! And can never be used again!

Dangers of prepaid phones I guess..

To be honest, to review it, the Happy phone service was not that great.  Every time I made or received a phone call there would be this ear splitting series of BEEPS so I would always miss the first part of conversations (anyone who has called Tiny Tapir can probably attest to that!).

So there’s a new mobile number for Tiny Tapir – +6 012 294 6449 . Sorry for whoever’s been trying to contact us these last few days!

Darn. what to do with all these inaccurate name cards now….

Update on the Ampang Park Store

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s day prank  😛

The Ampang Park store is moving long and renovations are more or less completed. Here’s a couple of photos for you sneak peakers.

We’re starting to move the inventory in already so it’s very exciting. And we’ve hired our shop manager too 🙂 We think she’s lovely and hope you all will like her too!

I really don’t think I have enough of those drawers for the cloth diapers though…. LOL!!


Through the middle of the shop


Our cloth diaper drawers.

Our contractor did a great job and we’re pretty happy with the way it turned out. Just a few finishing touches and we’ll be completely ready to open!

Yes, we’re moving a lot slower than hoped, so I guess you can say we are more like the Tortoise than the Hare – hopefully our outcome is as good as it was for the Tortoise too.

The Bungalow@Damai

I just realised that we never shared photos of what the Bungalow@Damai looks like!

I’m sure it’s going to change quite a big now, with Doodlebugs coming to take over most of the ground floor, but here’s a few photos of what the Bungalow@Damai is like now.

Excuse the very rushed photos!

First up – from the Gate Entrance leading up the driveway to the Bungalowttt-outside-1108_5001

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Interview for Colour me Green

Late last year Tiny Tapir was contacted by a group of enthusiastic Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar students who were doing a blog project on Environmental Issues.

Here’s the interview that we had :

Tête-à-tête with Tiny Tapir


I’ve recently spoken to one half of the dynamic duo behind Tiny Tapir, Li Chan. Tiny Tapir is a small scale environmental-friendly store situated in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Don’t fret if you’re not in the area, because Tiny Tapir has an online based store that is now shipping overseas as well.

Tiny Tapir is the product of an idea initiated between two sisters. The idea came about when they were discussing how to improve upon their current consumption of products, and how they could reduce waste and lastly, how to return to a state of  ’nature like’. These eventually shaped the 3 main aims of Tiny Tapir, which are:

  • to promote Eco-friendly lifestyle changes everyone can easily incorporate into daily life
  • to Support Women, by Providing a gateway for small businesses, work at home mothers and hand-crafters to sell their products
  • to Raise Awareness of healthy alternatives to mainstream products and practices (e.g. through Natural Parenting techniques like Baby-wearing, Breast-feeding and Cooking for Toddlers)

Hence ,they have been researching and coming up with products that would have a better and minimal effect for the world in general – by using less toxic materials such as plastic an using more eco-friendly material like cloth instead.

Below is the interview I had with Li Chan.

Tiny Tapir

Q. Of your 3 main aims, do you feel that you have accomplished them over these years?

A. We’ve only had Tiny Tapir up and running since 4/2008, previously it was a different animal.

We have accomplished the 3 main aims up to an extent since 4/2008. Hopefully every time we make a sale, we are enabling someone to act in a more eco-conscious manner. (down to even our recycled packaging)

We still support mainly women / family based businesses, even if it’s not in Malaysia. The economic slowdown has meant some of our plans had to be scaled back due to capital concerns, but it just means that the Malaysian initiative is a bit slower.

We sponsored the Malaysian Babywearers International Babywearing Meet here in KL and also contributed prizes to them. We also still hold the breastfeeding seminars, so the 3rd objective is also on track.

Q. Do you feel that your products have been much benefit for your potential buyers?

A. Hopefully yes! Although, you would have to ask my past buyers to see if they benefitted. I would not be in this business if I did not feel passionately about the benefit of the products we stock – either the benefit in terms of supporting the people behind the products or in the buyers using the products every day.

Q. What do you feel has been your biggest success from the establishment of Tiny Tapir?

A. That the Tiny Tapir name is becoming better known and that more people are becoming aware of the less damaging choices they have in their daily life. I’m especially proud of selling the cloth pads and menstrual cups!

Q. Why did you decide you use the tapir as your branding name and image?

A. The Tapir is quite unique in the world and it’s a well known Malaysian animal. I liked the alliteration of Tiny Tapir, as well as the look of the baby Tapir, so it all fit rather well. Also we’re all about taking Tiny steps to sustainable living because we recognize that radical change is difficult if not impossible to engender in people – we just want to plant the seed. The logo needed to be eye catching and yet simple to replicate – for example the logo looks great in just black and white which is more sustainable than printing many colors in promotional brochures.

Q. Do you have a specific group of people you target to buy your products or is generally everyone able to be involved?

A. I would love for everyone to be involved! We have a wide range of products to appeal to both the budget minded to those who are willing to pay more for better quality and more functions. We try to have fair trade and small business products in the store though, and that means higher cost and therefore price – sometimes in Malaysia local consumers are not willing to pay the premium needed for fair labor practices and quality. So it’s a daily experience explaining what exactly fair labor is and why, at the end of the day, it’s better to pay out the obvious cost now rather than suffer the consequences in the future. It’s a challenge every day to find products that are sustainable and fair while still being cheap.

Q. Finally, in support to our climate change petition, do you feel that you have produced a sufficient range of products that would help to contribute to combating climate change?

A. No, of course not. At the end of the day, products are not what is going to turn the tide against climate change – people’s attitudes are. The products are out there for everyone to use already, but it’s a question of using them in a way that reduces waste and conserves energy so that climate change can be slowed. In other words, there is no product that is going to solve the climate change problem – it’s all up to human action. We just want to perhaps nudge people to realize that by making being eco-conscious a bit more interesting and easy.

Be sure to check out their great blog – some really good pieces on the local environmental movement here in Malaysia.