Natural Baby Co Testers – 5 available!

Hi everyone,

Ugh, been too long without updating this blog!  It’s so much easier to do announcements over on our facebook, but i really need to get into updating the blog more !

Just a quickie :

5 x Natural Baby Co Tester Spots will be launched at 12 noon on Thurs 4/3/10 – To find it, go to “the Natural Baby Co” under the “Makers” drop down menu on our homepage

SO very excited about this. It’s looking to be a fantastic product, I’m so interested to hear people’s response to it. Honestly, it’s like what I feel has always been missing in the market.

Some rules of the game – you’ll need to pay RM30 for the tester slot which covers courier shipping anywhere in Malaysia.  You can only purchase ONE tester each, and you have to have a child who is still being actively diapered.

Good luck everyone!


Got Eczema? Testers wanted

We’re testing out a new product here at Tiny Tapir.

We get a lot of queries about what to do for Eczema, both for kids and adults.

Eczema seems to be really common here in Malaysia!

The exact cause of Eczema is unknown, but it’s commonly suspected that it is caused by 2 factors – both dry / irritated skin and also by diet.


Make sure you are properly hydrated (most of us don’t drink nearly enough water or eat nearly enough fruit and vegetables to keep ourselves hydrated – especially those who smoke or drink caffeine, which is really dehydrating), and that you are eating properly and avoid certain food groups.

Enough sleep is also always a key factor for good skin.  Ayurvedic and Chinese Medecine also suggest you spend the hours of 10pm and 2am asleep (something about hormones released during that time).

If you’ve problems eating well, or your children aren’t getting a balanced diet (due to fussy eating), we’d recommend you try Fitline – it’s a supplement which is in powder form (no fillers and easy to be digested by our systems unlike pills which are 95% wasted because it just passes through our body without being absorbed), that makes a pleasant drink.  All the kids I’ve seen LOVE drinking it.

Way better than stupid powdered milk.

There’s a few testimonials from kids who have had bad eczema cases cured after taking Fitline (although it’s not specifically an eczema cure, it helps maintain a good nutritional balance so the body is strong enough to resist any eczema attacks).


There are Nana Mays Magic Hands (for the whole body) and Face (for adult faces or children bodies) is really good for getting rid of Eczema – if you do use it regularly your Eczema will slowly fade away.

There’s also Crowley Manor’s Soothe Soap – Grace’s son refuses to use any other kind of soap or shower gel because this helped cure his very itchy eczema.

However, there’s a cream we’re bringing into Tiny Tapir which has (apparently) worked wonders on young babies with extremely bad cases of eczema, and decade long cases of Eczema.

We’d like to test out the product though – so we’re offering small testers for 10 readers.  All you need to do is post a comment here or email me at tinytapir at gmail dot com and I’ll send you a tester – after you’ve used it, let me know what you think!