Kokopax Love

We received some customer love the other day and I just can’t resist sharing (especially since it included some gorgeous photos!).

Although we’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this comes from Janna all the way in the USA who received one of our remaining Kokopax Baby Carriers – hers is the EcoPax Classic Bubbles :

“We love the carrier. This is the first time our daughter isn’t screaming to get out. She hated the close body carriers like ergo. We went on a 50min walk the other day and not a peep!”

Janna kokopax1-11-12-13_small

Janna kokopax2-11-12-13_small

In our experience, there are some babes who just will not settle for being held in close confines with a restricted view and some parents who do not want to go on the learning curve for using a wrap in a high back carry, or for whom a high back carry in a wrap is just not convenient. In those cases, the Kokopax definitely comes to the rescue. It’s an “easy on, easy off” kind of carrier, although the addition of the frame does make it bulkier than a simple piece of cloth to be folded up in.

That’s why we stock so many different types of baby carriers (with an eye on ergonomics of course, we have no crotch danglers) – there are a wide range of needs, preferences and considerations for all babywearing parents and babes – the key is finding the perfect solution so any baby can be happily baby-worn by any parent.

Thanks for sharing Janna!