Disposable Plastic is not the way to go

Let’s work together to reduce our disposable plastic usage!

Tiny Tapir offers easy replacements for Plastic Straws, Plastic Bags, Reusable Breastmilk storage containers, throwaway cups, Plastic bottles , flimsy fruit and vegetable grocery bags

It’s just a little shift in the way we think about living – no, it is unlikely that we will ever go back to being 100% plastic free, but we can do our best to reduce our reliance on single use disposable plastics.

Let’s reduce the incidence of this as much as we can (click on the picture to go to the post) :

grey whale




Kokopax Love

We received some customer love the other day and I just can’t resist sharing (especially since it included some gorgeous photos!).

Although we’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this comes from Janna all the way in the USA who received one of our remaining Kokopax Baby Carriers – hers is the EcoPax Classic Bubbles :

“We love the carrier. This is the first time our daughter isn’t screaming to get out. She hated the close body carriers like ergo. We went on a 50min walk the other day and not a peep!”

Janna kokopax1-11-12-13_small

Janna kokopax2-11-12-13_small

In our experience, there are some babes who just will not settle for being held in close confines with a restricted view and some parents who do not want to go on the learning curve for using a wrap in a high back carry, or for whom a high back carry in a wrap is just not convenient. In those cases, the Kokopax definitely comes to the rescue. It’s an “easy on, easy off” kind of carrier, although the addition of the frame does make it bulkier than a simple piece of cloth to be folded up in.

That’s why we stock so many different types of baby carriers (with an eye on ergonomics of course, we have no crotch danglers) – there are a wide range of needs, preferences and considerations for all babywearing parents and babes – the key is finding the perfect solution so any baby can be happily baby-worn by any parent.

Thanks for sharing Janna!

Bumprider – NEW in Asia – Launch & Giveaway

We at Tiny Tapir are proud to be working with Bloop Distribution in the launch of the Bumprider here in Asia.

If you use strollers & have a 2 year old or older child & a new baby on the way, this is one product that will make your life infinitely easier.

What is the Bumprider?


Well, we’re always looking for “best in class” products (those products that really stand out from the competition) and we believe we’ve found that in the Bumprider.

Sure, there are other ride-along boards in the market, but they are pale versions of the Bumprider.

Does your ride-along board have a motorcross bike suspension system (or does it have crappy plastic swivel joints that jam so you can’t turn smoothly, adding weight to your stroller)?

Is your ride-along board made of a unique blend of materials so that it flexes slightly with movement with a superior antislip surface (or is it made of immovable plastic making it more prone to breakage)?

Can you install your ride-along board in seconds with NO tools & can it be released quickly and attached to your 2nd stroller or pram (or is it a pain to install and once you have it on your stroller, you’re stuck with that stroller always)?

Does your ride-along board fit on 99% of all strollers and prams without the need for adaptors? (check out this sideways action)

Lastly, is your ride along board this good looking?

Bumprider - Available designs - 7.13

Tiny Tapir is currently running a giveaway to launch the bumprider in Malaysia – it’s pretty easy :

– Become a fan of Tiny Tapir Eco on Facebook for 1 point

– Become a fan of Bloop Distribution on Facebook for 1 point

– Share a sibling photo (you need 2 kids to use the bumprider after all!) on the Tiny Tapir Eco or Bloop Distribution facebook page (tag us!) for 10 points – here’s a pretty example below :


– If you have a blog, write a blog post on your children & how they interact (it can be a funny story or a heartwarming one) & link it to our giveaway here at http://www.tinytapir.info – if you don’t have a blog, post your story on this facebook comment thread or on this blog post (just comment here)

Click the image below to make your entries!

bumprider giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can’t wait? Purchase a bumprider now at Tiny Tapir

Manduca Baby Carriers Restocked

Tiny Tapir brought the Manduca Soft Structured Baby Carrier to Malaysia earlier this year and it’s already proving a big hit with Malaysian parents.  Babywearing has never been so flexible or stylish!

It works from newborns & is extendable up to 3 year olds – pretty much the most versatile baby carrier we have seen so far.

Pretty adjustable for parents as well with back AND front adjustable shoulder straps (more unusual with most commercially made SSCs you only have 1 adjustment point which is the back strap).

Made in limited edition patterns, and ALL the carriers use 100% organic materials & top of the line buckles. If you’re looking for a baby carrier here in Malaysia, you should definitely come and try this one out.

Tiny Tapir has just re-stocked, come visit us in store 🙂

Click on the image below to see Manduca baby carriers now in store :


Ampang Park store permanently closed

Dear Tiny Tapirites,

When we opened our Ampang Park store branch back in April 2009, it was with trepidation (and of course some excitement) as it was our first ever “proper” retail branch (I know some of our beloved long time customers remember the “good ol’ days” back at the Jalan Damai bungalow!).

It’s been 4 years in our cozy little shop, but now, sadly, our Ampang Park branch has been closed, and that chapter of Tiny Tapir has ended.

Thank you for those regulars who used to pop in and visit us way up on the 3rd floor of that homely old shopping center, it was a pleasure for us to serve you there.

storefront - BYE

(We continue our operations at our Bangsar Village 2 branch and our warehouse in Taman Melawati)

Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Clearance Sale

We’ve just done a new stock count and updated the system for our stock of Rumparooz cloth diapers.

We have now separated out some of the Rumparooz that are appearing to have the delamination problem, so there is less likelihood you will get a “bad cloth diaper”.

It’s still going at RM200 for 6 + shipping fee (no free shipping on this folks, sorry!).  This is a low low price of RM33.33 per diaper – a lot below our cost price, so it’s a real bargain and a great buy if you are getting into cloth diapering and looking for pocket diapers. The Rumparooz diaper shape is a great one and one that is loved by many parents worldwide.

We have lots of Aplix, less Snaps, so get clicking if you are looking for snaps (Aplix is great for the newborn stage, if you have an older baby, pick snaps). Continue reading