Goodness! Baby Kangas jumped out of our store within 48 hours!

Well, that’s it for the Baby Kangas – although we did take in a very small stocking this round as an Introduction (10 pieces) – all except 2 have been sold !

Funnily enough we have a cute Black and White pair left (Orca and Daisy). >> Update – All sold out now!

We’ll be getting more of these pretty colors in soon..

Baby Kangas – New in Store!

Baby Kangas by Jamtots are a One Size Diaper good from 10 – 35 lbs, that’s pretty much from 1 month old to Potty Learning!

Why are they called Baby Kangas? Because, unlike most pocket diapers, the opening for the insert is at the front of the diaper – just like the pocket for a mama Kangaroo!

And unlike other pocket diapers, Baby Kangas have an innovative zip and wide opening design so that you never have to soil your hands with escaping inserts.

Baby Kangas come in a pretty colorful waterproof outer and with a thin, squishy microfleece inner to keep baby dry.

The wide opening means no more having to stick your hand in somewhere ‘icky’ to pull out an insert. Simply unzip the wide mouth and shake out the inner over your diaper pail or washing machine. The insert will just fall right out!

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