Kemby Baby bags & Carriers

Have you seen the latest in diaper bags and baby carriers?  What about putting the two together? How ingenious is that?!

Someone has done just that – this diaper bag is fantastic for parents with babies 3 months and over (your baby will need head control).  No need to remember a million different things (diaper bag? baby carrier? stroller? bottle? change mat?) – just use this as your “go-to” bag anytime you need to take your baby / toddler out.

As a baby bag it’s already fantastic – lots of magnetic closures for easy 1 arm operation (so critical when you have an active little child), a place for your bottles, comes with it’s own matching change pad, an insulated pod for bottles / snacks, a key clip so you can quickly find the keys to open that door and get any cranky little ones inside.

And dare we say it – it doesn’t even look too much like a diaper bag, so when your baby has graduated out of needing you to carry stuff for them, you can use this when you need to go to the gym, as a handbag – or anything at all!

The inside of the bag is a lovely light color – which makes it all that much easier to quickly see whatever it is you need to grab (dark inside bags are like black holes, sucking in all the light so you’re left groping hopefully to find what you’re looking for).

As a carrier, (the front flap has a built in strap for you to pull right out), this gives a nice “seat” to the baby on your hip (simply and easily attach the bag around your waist and pull out the carrier shoulder strap and pull it over your baby and your shoulder to make an instant carrier).  Not suitable for newborns, but really great for 3 month olds to toddlers especially.  You wouldn’t want to use this for really LONG trips like 3 hours plus, but it’s a quick on and off if you have a toddler / older child who just wants to be carried for a while, or if you’re just quickly going back and forth from the supermarket.

Available in 3 lovely colors – brown, blue and green.

The Kemby  Baby bag & carriers have been added to our webstore.  They are currently available for purchase at both our Bangsar Village and Ampang Park stores.

New! Greengrocer Envirosax Bags Now in Stock!

Tiny Tapir has added a new line of Envirosax Bags to the Malaysian Market.

Greengrocer Envirosax Bags are the same great size as Regular Envirosax Bags, only with slightly longer carrying handles, specially suited for men and longer armed individuals.

Introducing 6 great colors :

Clockwise from the top left hand : Oyster (dark brown), Liquorice (black), Avocado (dark green), Blueberry (royal blue), Duck Egg (Sky Blue) and Summer Pea (Pastel Green)

These bags are as strong as regular envirosax bags and are great work horses for carting things home from the grocery store.

Tiny Tapir bets these Greengrocers will be a big hit with Malaysian men!

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