Nursing Bra – Preorder Sale

At the recent Breastfeeding Seminars at Teeny Tiny Tapir we heard from some that they found it really hard to find good nursing bras here in Malaysia – non padded, soft cup, no underwear, well supported with thick straps and good back support.

So Tiny Tapir is going to be importing in Bravado Nursing Bras.

Bravado products are the first choice of celebrity moms, like Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Minnie Driver, Christina Aguilera, Julia Roberts, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Garner, Stella McCartney and Sarah Jessicah Parker

Of course they’re also loved by non-celebrity mamas everywhere, and have been featured in many magazines :

We’re going to do a presale (since bras are so personal and so many sizes, we’d like to give you an opportunity to buy the perfect bra for you, just in case we aren’t bringing that stock in)

Please email me at tinytapir at gmail dot com which size and style you would like.

As it’s a presale you’ll need to pay first. I will be ordering them in 10 days on 18th of Sept 2008 – so that’s when the presale will end. Expect to receive them in maximum of 10 days from then.

Of course there’s a discount of 10% off our rrp for the presale.

Here’s our prices :Bamboo Bras are M$138 less 10% for preorder = M$124.20
Bamboo Tanks are M$210 less 10% for preorder = M$189

Tiny Tapir rrp

10% off

presale price

Original Nursing Bra


RM 117

Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra


RM 130.50

Supreme Nursing Bras


RM 171

Essential Nursing Bra Tank (B/C + D/E)


RM 148.50

Essential Nursing Bra Tank (F/G)


RM 171

Exquisite Nursing Bra


RM 216

Exquisite Boy Shorts

RM 92

RM 82.80

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


RM 162

Original Maternity Briefs (2 pack)

RM 95

RM 85.50

Original Bikinis (2 pack)

RM 75

RM 67.50

Original Thongs (2 pack)

RM 75

RM 67.50

If I were nursing, I would completely order the Bamboo Range

I have some shirts made from Bamboo and I cannot tell you how much softer and cooling they are than cotton shirts. It’s totally worth the extra money.

Bamboo Bras : M$138           less 10% for preorder = M$124.20
Bamboo Bra Tanks : M$210 less 10% for preorder = M$189