Thirsties Duo Wraps Restocked & NEW in snaps

Thirsties Duo wraps are now re-stocked in the ever-popular aplix.

Duos are great, because they are 2 sizes – size 1 to fit from newborn to around 7 or 8 months, the size 2 to fit from then until even 4 years old.   Using this 2 size system means it truly is 1 size, to fit from the smallest newborn all the way to the latest potty trainer or biggest child.

We have also stocked the new Thirsties Duos in Snaps for those parents who are just not into the aplix.

Thirsties Duo in Snaps on Tiny Tapir

Thirsties Duo in Aplix on Tiny Tapir


Jaya Jusco Roadshow – Kepong 16th to 28th March 2010

In conjunction with Jaya Jusco, the Grobaby and Rumparooz cloth diapers, and RuMe and Onya bags are going on various roadshows this year.

The first one kicked off on 16th March in the Jaya Jusco complex in Kepong, and is ending this Sunday.

Grobaby in all their glory, prefolds and covers, rumparooz pocket diapers, RuMe bags and Onya bags are now available for sale there. Do pop on over if you’re in the area and check them out!

Cloth Diapers at Fit for 2 – Thurs 19/11/09

When ? 10am to 10pm daily on Wed 18 Nov 09 – Sun 6 Dec 09

Where ? Fit for 2, Lot 3F-1B / 3rd Floor Bangsar Village II, No.2 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, Tel : 22881200


Fit for 2 (if you haven’t been yet) is a fabulous place for mamas to be, new mamas and super experienced mamas.  The pioneer in pregnancy fitness in Malaysia, there’s always a ton of great stuff to do there, not to mention the fantastic value (and just plain fantastic) food!

This is a super kid / family friendly place, so expect to see lots of tots of various ages running around safely creating havoc 🙂

We’ve kindly been invited to hold a (nice and gentle) introduction to cloth diapers and baby carriers there on Thurs 19/11/09 at 6pm.

We’ll be discussing the basics of cloth diapers, the usual things to look out for, and answering any questions that come up, so if you’re in this part of town, pop on by!

Link to Tiny Tapir’s fanpage Facebook Event

Fit for 2

Specials on Rumparooz Aplix & Snaps

These Rumparooz were part of the 1st big manufacturing round of Rumparooz cloth diapers .

Both Tiny Tapir and Lil Danzell will be clearing off the remaining diapers from this batch as they are more or less considered seconds (due to weak aplix and also some of the diapers have thicker fleece inside rather than microfleece – which is better for night diapering but too bulky for newborns and small babies).

Really, these prices will never come around again due to higher cost to us due to USD stronger against RM than before and also because this is below US rrp and only allowed because they are seconds items.  This is pretty much at or below our cost price for this batch of cloth diapers.


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Thirsties Covers and Fab Fitted Diapers restocked


Thirsties Covers and fitted diapers are now restocked in new colors and all sizes.

Thirsties Covers are favorites here at Tiny Tapir (and can we say even in Malaysia) – they’re great value – super well made, very durable and at a fantastic price.  They’re part of the system that’s the most economical for cloth diapering (and diapering in general) – the Prefold and Cover diapering method.

The prefold / cover method is recommend highly for those who are fabulous enough to do newborn cloth diapering (that is, cloth diapering for the first 2 to 3 months of baby’s life), as it’s cheap and that’s so so important when baby is wetting their diaper every. single. hour. Continue reading