Malaysian Eco Film Fest 2008

We wrote about the Eco Knights previously, and the Film Festival where foreign eco-films will be shown.

Even more exciting is that a competition for local Malaysian Film Makers was held too (closing date of submission was 15th July 2008).

Currently films are being judged for shortlisting and finalists will go through another round of workshops (guidance for our budding film makers! so great!).

You too can watch the shortlisted films – here’s where they are screening :

6th October 2008 : KLMP, Bukit Jalil

7th October 2008 : ASWARA

13th October 2008 : Help University College

15th October 2008 : Taylor’s College

16th October 2008 : Palate Pallete

Be sure to mark down a date in your diary.

A film fest to watch out for – 2/11/2008

Eco Knights is a group of feisty young individuals who feel just as passionately about the environment and social causes as we do here at Tiny Tapir.

Their vision is to :

“work with key businesses to develop eco-friendly communities that embrace the geological, geographical, historical, cultural, and biological dimensions of the environment, using eco-friendly principles in support of a sustainable system that is passed to future generations.”

Their website has a plethora of information on environmentally friendly activities, endeavors and advice. It’s definitely worth spending some time there.

Another great thing their organizing is the first Eco Film Festival 2008 on 1st November 2008 at the National Arts Academy here in Malaysia.

Several foreign environmental films will be screened :

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