TinyTapir@ Menara Exxon Mobil this week!

Hi KL folks! We will be at the Exxon Mobil bazaar from 11am-3pm everyday from 17th-20th October 2011! Our booth is setup on the ground floor, to the left of the main entrance @ Menara Exxon Mobil, KL City Centre. Do drop by to do a little shopping during lunch break – we have GroVia Shells and Soakers, RuMe Bags, DirtCandles, O’bon Stationary, and BabyCubes!

Rume Bags – Restocked + Repriced

Rume bags are back in stock and fully loaded.

What’s the difference between the Rumes and Envirosax you say?

For one very important thing, Rume bags are certified Fair Trade and made in South Korea. If you have a Rume you’ll also see the difference between it and an Envirosax – double binding on the edges, stiffer material and the gusseted bottom – the Rume is better for those who want a more structured bag that will ‘stand up’ better on its own.

They’re also packaged and made following a no waste philosophy (Tiny Tapir loves that!)

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Green Fest – 2008 – a shorty post

Tiny Tapir was at the Green Fest 2008 this last Sunday the 8th at the Bukit Kiara park – we were there at the kind invitation of the Star.

It was AMAZING! and so good to see all the Malaysians so interested in our products! Tiny Tapir sold a ton of Envirosax, Rume bags, Roo-shoppers, Platypus drinking bladders, quite a few Cloth pads and we washed a whole TON of hands! (with the Nana Mays Magic Hands products)

A lot of follow up to be done after the fair, so I will write a super long post soon about our adventure and also – photos! (of which I didn’t take any because we were so rushed off our feet… not that I am complaining)