Arnica Muscle Rub – for achy breaky parts

Tiny Tapir is now stocking Arnica Muscle Rub sticks made by Faerie Made

Arnica Muscle Rub sticks are fantastic for arthritis relief, relief of aches and pains (e.g. after a hard day at the gym, or lower back ache from sitting too long at the computer) and also for relieving little congested chests for children with the flu.

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Jazzy Toes – NEW to Malaysia

Tiny Tapir presents … Jazzy Toes baby socks!

In Malaysia, with our humidity and heat, sometimes it’s not really worth buying shoes for below 1 year olds who aren’t toddling about yet. Yet, given that we often take babies into air conditioned rooms or shopping malls, it is necessary to keep their feet warm. And that’s where Jazzy Toes comes in.

Created by a mother who just couldn’t find cute designs for her little boys (isn’t it so true, even in cloth diapering, there are so many sweet designs for little girls, but the boys just get left out!), so she came up with Jazzy Toes.

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