Thirsties Duo Wraps Restocked & NEW in snaps

Thirsties Duo wraps are now re-stocked in the ever-popular aplix.

Duos are great, because they are 2 sizes – size 1 to fit from newborn to around 7 or 8 months, the size 2 to fit from then until even 4 years old.   Using this 2 size system means it truly is 1 size, to fit from the smallest newborn all the way to the latest potty trainer or biggest child.

We have also stocked the new Thirsties Duos in Snaps for those parents who are just not into the aplix.

Thirsties Duo in Snaps on Tiny Tapir

Thirsties Duo in Aplix on Tiny Tapir


Thirsties Covers and Fab Fitted Diapers restocked


Thirsties Covers and fitted diapers are now restocked in new colors and all sizes.

Thirsties Covers are favorites here at Tiny Tapir (and can we say even in Malaysia) – they’re great value – super well made, very durable and at a fantastic price.  They’re part of the system that’s the most economical for cloth diapering (and diapering in general) – the Prefold and Cover diapering method.

The prefold / cover method is recommend highly for those who are fabulous enough to do newborn cloth diapering (that is, cloth diapering for the first 2 to 3 months of baby’s life), as it’s cheap and that’s so so important when baby is wetting their diaper every. single. hour. Continue reading

Thirsties Covers re-stocked + updated

Thirsties Covers are just about the most popular diaper cover out there. They’re cheap, they’re functional and they are available in a wide range of colors.

And Tiny Tapir has re-stocked our Thirsties Covers, with a few new colors, in lovely shades of blue.

White, Ocean, Periwinkle, Baby Blue

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Thirsties Fab Fitteds and Covers

Now available at Tiny Tapir, the Thirsties Fab Fitted is widely acknowledged to be one of the best fitteds available on the market. Pair it with the Thirsties Diaper Cover and you’ll have a super easy, convenient and leak proof diapering system in place.

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