Zoobies Giveaway – ends 30th April 2010

The zoobies have made their way to Isetan in KLCC for 1 short month (ending 30th April 2010)

In conjunction with our April birthday celebrations, we’re going to do a ZOOBIE GIVEAWAY!

Post a photo of you or your child (or your pet, whatever!) either WITH your zoobie or AT the Isetan Zoobies stand for 5 entries (you can email us at tinytapir at gmail dot com or you can put it on our facebook fan page, or you can post it on your blog and link your blog post directly to http://www.tinytapir.info

Post about the giveaway on your blog or facebook for another 1 entry

We’ll do a draw on the 30th April 2010 for a lucky winner – any Zoobie with custom embroidery especially for you.


Zoobies – New Price, Get them at the old price while you can

Our new zoobies will be arriving early next week.

We’ll have some new friends then :

Check out the Orangutan – how cute is his little round face!  Rhaxma the Rhino has also been very popular at the Teeny Tiny Tapir Centre where she’s up on display.
Unfortunately, the price will increase with the new shipment as the Introductory Promotional Price period for S.E.A. is officially over
The new prices will be :
Regular edition Zoobies : RM135
Limited Edition Zoobies : RM150  (Khimba Koala, Gogo Gorilla, Rhazma Rhino, Gamba Gazelle and Orazio Orangutan)
We still have 10 zoobies left from the previous order which we will continue to offer at the RM115 intro price until the new zoobies are uploaded in the store.  Snap them up quick!

Zoobies! New in Malaysia

When I came across these cuties, I just couldn’t resist making them available in the Tiny Tapir Store.

Not least of the reason was I wanted every single one of them for myself …. um. I mean I wanted to create a Zoobie ‘collection’ at Teeny Tiny Tapir for our play center children to play with….

So, presenting for the first time in Malaysia at Tiny Tapir ….

A Zoobie pet is the perfect companion for children (and adults!). It’s not just an adorable soft toy, it’s also functional! Each Zoobie, when buttoned up, looks like a sweet (but sophisticated, not ‘cutesy’) animal.

Meet Mashaka our red monkey friend :

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