Babywearing Class 101

Babywearing Class 101

Wearing your baby has many advantages to both parent & baby. Here are just a few :


  • Bonding & Closeness. There’s nothing like close contact with your baby to give them a sense of security and comfort, especially loved by most newborns who are instantly calmed by their parent’s heartbeat, scent and touch
  • Safety: What could be safer than keeping your baby on your body?
  • Convenience: Rather than struggling with large bulky strollers, especially on Asia’s less than perfect sidewalks, wearing your baby offers you the maximum mobility & convenience
  • Muscular Development: Being held is the most natural thing in the world for any baby. Being held rather than sitting static in a pram encourages muscular development & greater body awareness. (Not to mention, it helps parents get fit too!)

There are many, many options out there for wearing your baby. It’s easy to get confused by all the choices. Or maybe you have been given a babywearing tool (a sling? a wrap?) that you have no idea how to use.

If you are confused by all the choices available to wear your baby & a little nervous because you aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, this is the perfect introductory course for you.

Our babywearing consultant has been trained by the Babywearing Institute (USA) & not to mention is an avid babywearer herself. She has been advising parents for 3 years on babywearing – if you have a problem, we bet she’s heard it before.

You will be walked through all the different types of carriers, what to be aware of (e.g. head positioning for newborns & leg positioning to avoid hip dysplasia) and how to use each type of carrier. Every type of carrier has its pros and cons – this is where you find out what they are.

About the Class

Class costs RM50.00 to be paid to book your place – but this is 100% redeemable against purchases from Tiny Tapir (i.e. if you buy a carrier, the class costs you nothing)

* We recommend you bring your fed and rested baby. Every participant may bring a ‘helper’ (co-parent, grandparent or nanny)

Class size is maximized at 8 pax

Class Venue : our store on 3F-1D Bangsar Village 2 (next to Fit for 2, Opposite Kid Sports)

About us

Tiny Tapir has the most comprehensive range of babywearing products (baby carriers) in Asia from 3 types of wraps, Mei Tais, 3 brands of Ring Slings, countless brands of Soft Structured Carriers and also Frame Carriers – we can help you to find the best babycarrier for your needs.