Penny Skateboards are here!

The original plastic skateboard – the penny skateboard is back. Emerging in the mid – 1970′s,these skateboards were one of the finest and stylish skateboards. With its sharp turns and small surface area, they are the perfect way to get around and its small frame makes it portable and handy to fit in your back pack. With a fantastic array of colours, these retro decks are back to stay!

Penny decks are sized 22″ x 6 ” and are manufactured from high quality secret formula plastic. They have custom 3″ Penny trucks, 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels and high quality bearings.

The penny original 2011 colours are now limited edition!

They are available in the following combinations:

  • Pink/White wheels
  • Black/Red wheels
  • Yellow/Green wheels
  • Purple/Cyan wheels
  • Red/Yellow wheels
  • Cyan/Red wheels
  • Glow/Cyan wheels

We only have 1 per colour, so get shopping now >>

36 thoughts on “Penny Skateboards are here!

  1. Hi, Im Aida. I am bachelor degree art and design (major in graphic design) student, University Technology Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia.
    I have choose Penny Skateboard product as my final project for my last year. It is the largest single piece of work mine that i will do during my degree course. Since it was a product from Aussie, who can i contact to get some information about this product?
    I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thank you.

  2. do you still sell them? where can i buy them? do u have other colors? do u deliver to house? how long is delivery?

  3. These aren’t even original Penny Boards. I have an original one and they have a ‘P’ on the bottom tail of the board.

    • yes, penny skateboards are available in Bangsar Village 2 store. Currently (16th August) we only have Black / Red available there. We should be restocked for more colors in BV in about a week and a half (sorry, we are moving warehouse so everything’s topsy turvy for restocking!)

  4. hi there,I’m interested in getting one,could u update me on what colours you have left? Also,how much would it cost in total including postage? Thank you.

  5. how can I do a payment if I dont have a credit card . do you used malaysian banking system for online shoppers who didn’t have credit cards ?

    • hi there Littleflowers, Most of our customers use online banking to transfer payment to us – we have both Maybank and HSBC accounts for your convenience 🙂

      You can choose this option at checkout

  6. Hii, could I buy the penny board at your warehouse? Will it be cheaper if I buy it there? Also, the warehouse is located at Cheras right? :))

    • Hi Ainin, our penny board stock is split between the warehouse and our store in Bangsar Village. If you could please email with the designs you would like to look at we can move the stock to the warehouse for you to check out.

      Our prices are the same if you buy it online or in the warehouse or in the shop.

      Yes, our HQ is located in Taman Cheras Awana, near the Sri Cempaka School.

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