New Envirosax Prints – Single bags

New to Malaysia, Tiny Tapir has brought in some new colors of the Greengrocers – namely, Guava (light pink), Watermelon and Apple (bright red), for Xmas and the upcoming Chinese New Year season.

Envirosax has also come out with 2 new prints in the Monochrome range, and is waving bye bye to 2 of the originals (Monochrome Waves and Monochrome Links).  We think the 2 new Monochromes are sure winners – the Daisy and Snowflake are very eyecatching!

Greengrocer bags

New monochrome bags – 1 & 2

New Envirosax Series – Botanica

Envirosax has come out with a gorgeous new range – the Botanica series.  Now available in Malaysia, just in time for Christmas.

The Botanica Envirosax Series is inspired by the earth’s beautiful, lush and bountiful rainforests. Bold in colour and imagery, Botanica is a daily reminder of Mother Earth’s natural splendor!

Available at the Tiny Tapir online shop, our Damai Bungalow shop (open Weekdays 12 Noon to 3pm and Sat + Sun 12 noon to 5pm) and at our Kiosk in Great Eastern Mall, Lower Ground Floor (open daily 11am to 9pm)

These are such a perfect size for throwing in any handbag you have so you know you will never need to accept a disposable plastic bag again.

Botanica Set of 5 Link

Botanica bag 1 Link

Botanica bag 2 Link

Botanica bag 3 Link

Botanica bag 4 Link

Botanica bag 5 Link

Retro Kitchen – New Envirosax Line in Malaysia

Tiny Tapir is happy to introduce the ‘missing’ Envirosax series to Malaysia… The Retro Kitchen Set :

The Retro Kitchen set of Envirosax is a really sweet set of 5, which actually looks better in real life than it does in photos. The pastel blue color of the pouch is my favorite pouch color out of Envirosax’s six series. I just think it’s such a nice refreshing color!

Single use disposable plastic bags are ugly, cost you money, and are bad for our future and the environment. For such a short term convenience, is it really worth ruining our world?

Envirosax bags are fantastic for shopping because they roll up so small and they’re so lightweight – there’s really no reason to not have one wherever you go. PLUS they are cute and look good on your shoulder – Envirosax are so reasonably priced you can even get a few to match whatever outfit you are wearing!

Get the set of 5 (with the free pouch) for the best value – you’re basically almost getting 1 bag for free. Of course, they’re still available for purchase individually.

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Envirosax Back in Stock

You know how it is you have  a total of  37 different designs for envirosax, and pretty much all are in stock, but the ones everyone is clamoring for are the ones that are out of stock ?!

Mikado – Black Flowers (it’s really more of a steel grey color) is one of those.

It is very pretty though, so I can see why!

Then there’s these two from the kids series :

Rusty (the dog with 3 days stubble growth, teehee)

Jessie and Lulu (the bemused dinosaurs)

Finally we have these popular patterns back in stock.  We’ve been at fairs and events where we had some serious pressure to sell them the samples we had on display!

Now we just hope everyone remembers to bring these cute Envirosax around with them so they get used to save us all from drowning in evil single use plastic bags

Happy shopping everyone 🙂

New! Greengrocer Envirosax Bags Now in Stock!

Tiny Tapir has added a new line of Envirosax Bags to the Malaysian Market.

Greengrocer Envirosax Bags are the same great size as Regular Envirosax Bags, only with slightly longer carrying handles, specially suited for men and longer armed individuals.

Introducing 6 great colors :

Clockwise from the top left hand : Oyster (dark brown), Liquorice (black), Avocado (dark green), Blueberry (royal blue), Duck Egg (Sky Blue) and Summer Pea (Pastel Green)

These bags are as strong as regular envirosax bags and are great work horses for carting things home from the grocery store.

Tiny Tapir bets these Greengrocers will be a big hit with Malaysian men!

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Green Fest – 2008 – a shorty post

Tiny Tapir was at the Green Fest 2008 this last Sunday the 8th at the Bukit Kiara park – we were there at the kind invitation of the Star.

It was AMAZING! and so good to see all the Malaysians so interested in our products! Tiny Tapir sold a ton of Envirosax, Rume bags, Roo-shoppers, Platypus drinking bladders, quite a few Cloth pads and we washed a whole TON of hands! (with the Nana Mays Magic Hands products)

A lot of follow up to be done after the fair, so I will write a super long post soon about our adventure and also – photos! (of which I didn’t take any because we were so rushed off our feet… not that I am complaining)