Flopsy & Mopsy pups for adoption

Not really related to Tiny Tapir, but pop over to Green Asia (our mostly dead sister blog) & Check out the post on 2 very sweet pups up for adoption.

You may have seen the 2 gorgeous kittens at the Bungalow@Damai – those 2 were ‘rescues’ too (i.e. they were dumped outside the Bungalow’s gates late one night months ago).  Unfortunately we’re not able to keep Flopsy & Mopsy at the Bungalow too, but we hope we can find them a good home.

Happy Holiday Season

A bit belatedly! We would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and all the best for the holiday season, despite the rather foreboding economic situation of late…

2008 was the year that Tiny Tapir became more than just an online presence with the opening of the Tiny Tapir kiosk at Great Eastern Mall and the more regular opening times of the Tiny Tapir shop at 9 Lorong Damai 9.  Not to mention of course our lovely resellers who make Tiny Tapir products more widely available.  It was a great year for Tiny Tapir and we wholly appreciate everyone who has helped support us this year – the bloggers who have written about our products, the mainstream media who have featured us, and most of all our customers, repeat and new (you know who you are!) whom we hope are using their great new products every day.

Tiny Tapir has big plans for 2009 – hopefully with even longer and more regular opening of our Tiny Tapir shop at 9 Lorong Damai 9 and the opening of another location in Petaling Jaya / Bangsar / Damansara area.  In short we’re aiming for a better inventory / stock control system to serve our customers better!  We have a ton of very interesting new products which are hitting Malaysian shores any day now and we’re very grateful to all our suppliers that we’re able to offer all the products (future and present) locally.

The Damai house is also expecting great things in 2009.  Teeny Tiny Tapir will no longer operate at Damai but we have met some exciting new people who are just as keyed up as we are about making the Damai house a fabulous place for families.  Professional party organizing (birthdays, holiday season, full moon, baby showers – we’ll host them all!), a regular daycare facility, exciting classes and seminars for children and adults, and plans for a cafe catering towards families are all in the works as I type.  Read this blog to hear all the new as it happens.

As a thank you to all our past customers, we will also have a giveaway coming up soon in conjunction with Chinese New Year – watch out for it, it’s going to be big!

Bad plastic and why Bento boxes are just no good

Bento boxes are just super cute. I totally see where the obsession comes from.

And, hey, anything that will make some fussy little ones eat right?

I was so excited that maybe Bento boxes could be offered in Tiny Tapir – after all, packing food from home is a great way to save money as well as to save the environment (no need for disposable packaging if one has packed from home, versus the Styrofoam boxes, throwaway chopsticks and disposable cups and plastic bags – can anyone tell me what the heck is the point of those tiny pink plastic bags that can only fit 1 box in it? Isn’t it the same as just carrying the box in your hand instead of putting it in the bag also?).

However, Bento boxes are made out of cheap plastic. I still haven’t managed to find a bento box or bento accessories that are made out of plastics not containing Bisphenol-A.

Bisphenol-A is found in most plastics – also, in all Tupperware brand plastics. Which really disappointed me because I wanted to stock their Go-Flex range (a box that folds flat).

As the Salon article states, “accumulating scientific research indicates the chemical may be adversely affecting women’s ability to have children and children’s reproductive health. Recent studies link bisphenol A to obesity, breast and prostate cancer, and neurological disorders.”


Let me just highlight – adversely affecting … children’s reproductive health. Also linked to obesity and cancer

Not to be alarmist, but seriously, I would rather force my kid to eat plain old boiled round eggs rather than a cute Hello Kitty or Melody shaped egg that was put (while still hot) in a plastic container with Bisphenol-A in it. Talk about perfect conditions for leaching chemicals into food.

Hello, Aren’t I cute? But really I am Evil Kitty, here to make you FAT *evil kitty laughter*

Bisphenol-A products don’t need to be boiled in order to leach – some leaching will happen even without extreme temperatures, which is why a lot of overseas mothers are refusing even to allow babies to use bottles, pacifiers or any product with Bisphenol-A in it.

Anyone have any links to Bento boxes and Bento accessories that are BPA free?

(I realize I’m being a total party pooper with this post…)