Have you already bought a Zoobie from Tiny Tapir?

Zoobies are now ready to be embroidered with your child’s name!

If you are a past customer of Tiny Tapir who has bought a Zoobie, in conjunction with the Christmas season, we’re specially offering to Embroider your Zoobie for free!

You just have to make an arrangement (shipping or drop off) to send your Zoobie back to us, we’ll embroider him / her in about 4 days and then send them back to you (or you can pick them up from our kiosk in Great Eastern Mall / at the Damai bungalow)

Please contact me at tinytapir at gmail dot com for further details.

If you haven’t bought a Zoobie before, here’s the link : – http://www.tinytapir.com/category.php?category_id=136&page=g