KAM Snap Pliers

Tiny Tapir has restocked the very popular KAM Snap Pliers DK-001

KAM Snap Pliers

Can you imagine we have sold 400 of these Snap Pliers since we first introduced them to Malaysia in 2010! In 2010 we only sold 50 of them, but that has increased steadily as awareness has increased on DIY crafting and sewing in Malaysia. Just goes to show that these reliable little tools are fantastic for little projects around the house.

They can be used to quickly fix broken buttons on clothing – a few strategically placed snaps on cloth can achieve a lot of things!  I have used mine to make impromptu table cloths for displays at fairs and events, to replace worn out velcro on hairbands.

I have also used snap pliers to close up pockets and even handbags that didn’t have zip or existing closures.

And of course they are used to make cloth pads and cloth diapers. 😉

Check out the videos some people have put up :

Unfortunately, we have had to increase the price of the snap pliers from RM39.90 to RM49.90 as the cost of raw materials has gone up so much that the factory had to dramatically increase prices.

To soften the blow though, we are including Free of Charge, a mix of KAM snaps to use with your KAM snap pliers (you will get a mix of colors, no choosing!):

– 20 x size 16 (good for thinner materials)

– 20 x size 20 (good for cloth diapers)

Retail value of the FOC snaps is RM8.

Happy snapping 🙂

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