Jazzy Toes – NEW to Malaysia

Tiny Tapir presents … Jazzy Toes baby socks!

In Malaysia, with our humidity and heat, sometimes it’s not really worth buying shoes for below 1 year olds who aren’t toddling about yet. Yet, given that we often take babies into air conditioned rooms or shopping malls, it is necessary to keep their feet warm. And that’s where Jazzy Toes comes in.

Created by a mother who just couldn’t find cute designs for her little boys (isn’t it so true, even in cloth diapering, there are so many sweet designs for little girls, but the boys just get left out!), so she came up with Jazzy Toes.

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Silicone Travel Bottles – New to Malaysia

We here at Tiny Tapir, in our proper ‘day’ jobs, are required to do quite a fair bit of traveling (and also gym going – some of us anyway, not me personally as my ever increasing dress size will probably attest to).

It’s a pain traveling nowadays with all the restrictions on what can and can’t be brought on flight – especially when doing a weekend trip and you just don’t have any check in luggage. What’s a girl to do? It’s completely insane to have to go hunt for usable toiletries once you reach your destination (and then only to have to throw away whatever product you couldn’t finish up during your short trip).

Solution? Well, what good would we be if we didn’t have one for you?

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Retro Kitchen – New Envirosax Line in Malaysia

Tiny Tapir is happy to introduce the ‘missing’ Envirosax series to Malaysia… The Retro Kitchen Set :

The Retro Kitchen set of Envirosax is a really sweet set of 5, which actually looks better in real life than it does in photos. The pastel blue color of the pouch is my favorite pouch color out of Envirosax’s six series. I just think it’s such a nice refreshing color!

Single use disposable plastic bags are ugly, cost you money, and are bad for our future and the environment. For such a short term convenience, is it really worth ruining our world?

Envirosax bags are fantastic for shopping because they roll up so small and they’re so lightweight – there’s really no reason to not have one wherever you go. PLUS they are cute and look good on your shoulder – Envirosax are so reasonably priced you can even get a few to match whatever outfit you are wearing!

Get the set of 5 (with the free pouch) for the best value – you’re basically almost getting 1 bag for free. Of course, they’re still available for purchase individually.

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Thirsties Covers re-stocked + updated

Thirsties Covers are just about the most popular diaper cover out there. They’re cheap, they’re functional and they are available in a wide range of colors.

And Tiny Tapir has re-stocked our Thirsties Covers, with a few new colors, in lovely shades of blue.

White, Ocean, Periwinkle, Baby Blue

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Wee Caps / Tee Pees for little hoses

I’m not sure how much I can actually say about these cute little necessity for parents of little boys. I bet you can tell already what they are for 🙂

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