Rumparooz G2 debut in Malaysia – Giveaway!!

The first batch of G2 (2nd Generation) of Rumparooz one size pocket diapers are now stocked in Tiny Tapir.

snap solids_350

I love the new design, and the new fabrics are exceptional. Unlike a lot of PUL diapers, the waterproof fabric is very soft and not crinkly – it reminds me of the Grobaby fabric in its softness.  G2 - 1. Diaper Breakdown image - large

Looks like Rumparooz has got over their initial “bump” since scaling up from tiny WAHM business to a high quality international business.  These G2 Rumparooz are perfect!  We know a lot of parents in Malaysia already love the G1 Rumparooz diapers – wait till you see the G2s – you’ll be very VERY pleasantly surprised.  The feedback on these diapers overseas is fantastic too – a lot of the legacy issues with G1 diapers (the wrong inner materials, too stretchy tabs, weak aplix, slightly bulky) have all been resolved in the G2 resulting in  much better fitting diaper.  But of course the favorite only true inner gussets are still a very prominent feature of the G2 and what stands it apart from the many other diaper brands out there.

Details on the giveaway after the jump.

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Specials on Rumparooz Aplix & Snaps

These Rumparooz were part of the 1st big manufacturing round of Rumparooz cloth diapers .

Both Tiny Tapir and Lil Danzell will be clearing off the remaining diapers from this batch as they are more or less considered seconds (due to weak aplix and also some of the diapers have thicker fleece inside rather than microfleece – which is better for night diapering but too bulky for newborns and small babies).

Really, these prices will never come around again due to higher cost to us due to USD stronger against RM than before and also because this is below US rrp and only allowed because they are seconds items.  This is pretty much at or below our cost price for this batch of cloth diapers.


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Rumparooz restocked – in Snaps!

Rumparooz Gusseted one size pocket cloth diapers are re-stocked here in Malaysia.  You’ll see them in Tiny Tapir and also in Lil Danzell, the 2 active rumparooz stockists right now (Rumparooz’ Penang stockist is on maternity leave right now – congrats Hardev!).

We’ve got in a whole new bunch of snap Rumparooz pocket one size cloth diapers in minky, plain colors and selected prints (not that many due to the restricted supply from the USA)

Hurry and pick out your favorite prints because we won’t be restocking them until March 2009 or so.  You might have to expect a price rise then due to our falling Ringgit exchange rate too 😦

Rumparooz available in Malaysia!

Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers have taken the Cloth Diapering world by storm.

These are fantastic diapers with all the ingredients for a perfect cloth diaper :

  • True gusseted leg casings to prevent any likelihood of a poopy blowout
  • Strong back elastic to keep baby clean and prevent leaks
  • Super soft, great quality material
  • Snaps to adjust size and grow with your baby
  • Stretchy front tabs to provide a better fit for moving babies
  • And of course not to mention the lovely colored solids and super cute prints

No diaper is perfect for everyone – but these come close!

Quick, snap them up, because these are SURE to be a best seller and supply is still limited

We request customers adhere to the ‘2 diaper per customer’ rule right now when it comes to the Rumparooz – thank you!  As usual, click the tapir for a direct link to the shop :