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Check out the Tapir store when you’re fed up of hearing the Tapir nag (Tapirs lah, what to do, they’re just such incessant chatterboxes).

Tiny Tapir is basically a group of friends who took a look around at what we were using in our daily lives here in Malaysia and thought we could do better with the way we were consuming.  So we set about finding products we wanted to use to reduce waste and ‘go back to nature’.

The first incarnation of our online store was Fem Choices which opened in 2004 as a (very!) basic storefront which sold products for women like menstrual cups and cloth pads.

In 2008, we decided it was time to take the next step to a more professional store-front and an expanded range of goodies.

Along the way we found many wonderful, useful products and people to get excited about and many movements (like babywearing) we thought were sorely lacking in Malaysia.

We thought “why aren’t Malaysians making these products?” and having had contact with NGOs through Hati and other NGOs – it was a perfect solution to match the demand (for products that could be made at home) with the supply (by single work at home impoverished mothers).  We hope to bring about Malaysian-made products soon.

Tiny Tapir things can be found at the 2 retail locations (Bangsar Village and Ampang Park), online , and in our HQ warehouse in Taman Melawati

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Tiny Tapir’s 3 main objectives are :

  • To promote Eco-friendly lifestyle changes everyone can easily incorporate into daily life
  • To Support Women, by Providing a gateway for small businesses, work at home mothers and hand-crafters to sell their products
  • Raise Awareness of healthy alternatives to mainstream products and practices (e.g. through Natural Parenting techniques like Baby-wearing, Breast-feeding and Cooking for Toddlers)

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