Free Starbunz-All-In One Cloth Diaper

The Diapers Asia Forum is finally ready to be launched (*phew*!), with fully functional iTrader which means you can leave feedback for trading, selling and buying used children items – with an emphasis on cloth diapers 😉

Diapers Asia Forum is for everyone to chat about Natural Parenting options like Cloth Diapering, Elimination Communication, Baby Wearing, Breast Feeding and Co-sleeping. It’s also a Marketplace for your used baby and children items – simply post up a thread with what you have to sell or trade and wait for the replies.

Best of all, I hope this will encourage more parents to Cloth Diaper because trying out a gently used cloth diaper that didn’t work for someone else is a great way to start your cloth diapering journey! A lot of mothers overseas only use previously loved diapers for their children.

Tiny Tapir is donating a prize of One Starbunz AIO Cloth Diaper to the Forum for their ‘Monthly Contest and Lottery’. This product is so new it’s not even stocked in our store yet !

Have a look at the cute designs up for grabs in the lucky draw – guaranteed to fascinate your little one :


Cheetah, Lion and Monkey


Here’s what the inside looks like. Really great design, good for faster drying.

I really adore these diapers, they are so well made – you will know what I mean when you get one in your hands.

Tried one on my friend’s son who’s about 2, he was so cute, kept playing with the ears, and then looked down grinning and petting the nose of the puppy he was wearing. Will take photos soon!


So go on, go and join the lucky draw, see if you can win the free diaper 🙂 – click here to try your luck